Find out what are advantages of technology as well as its disadvantages

The world is all about technology now that’s why we should talk about it more. Technology can’t be ignored nowadays and for sure we should pay more attnetion to it. This article will show advantages and disadvantages of technology that’s why you should keep reading.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern technology

It is quite important to know what are the advantages as well as disadvantages of technology. Today we are dealing with technological world which means that we can find technology everywhere around us. Technology is in fact involved in each fild.

Technology is here for us to make out life easier and help us with our work but this technology has got also many sides effects to human lives.

Advantages of technology

When it comes to advantages of technology we shall mention things like:

  • Improved home and also work life – it is the internet and mobile phones which can be called communication technology that helps us communicate with people around the world. Thanks to this we aren’t limited to people who are round us. When it comes to work life employees are able to communicate with co-workers from distant places but when we will take a look at home life we can say that relationships with familiy members who are in one country and we are in another are quite strong thanks to for example video calls.
  • Time saver – modern technology helps people to save time. Let’s be honest imagines washing your clothe in hands, that would take way more time right? All of the things like internet banking or computer regulated cars are giving use some extra time durning the day.
  • More effectie functions of machines and devices – now thanks to the computer regulation and automation devices and machines are functioning way much more efficiently and also use less power.
  • Advancements of the the entertainment industry – nowadays there is a huge choice of movies, games, music, shows and many different things in the entertainment area. Artis now aren’t reliant on companies to fund and promote them which is way better for them while they can do that all by themselves.
  • Easy information access – thanks to the World Wide Web we have all of the informations from all around the world. What’s even more interesting is this that efforts are underway to create even more reliable sources of information.
  • It is more affordable – this is in fact one of the main goles of the technology which is making things way cheaper for people. It is true that people see cost efficiency these days due to technology.
  • Improves access for disabled people – let’s take a look at education system and this that lessons can now be delivered through a wide range of media which means that they can be online learning. Disabled students can also be taking tests online which in fact impoves their life.
  • Improving of engagement – students are more intrested in lessons when they have different opportunities durning their learning process. Technology can in fact encourage active participation. For example imagine how interesting for those little human beings could be teaching through games! This learning process is in same way more fun for kids!

Disadvantages of technology

To be honest we should say that everything has its negative side and so does the technology. As we already mentioned the advantages of technology now comes the time for disadvantages.

  • Data security – this one is quite important because digital technologies means that huge ammount of data is collected and what goes after this stored. It is so difficult to keep the data safe those days.
  • Lack of human relations – human life now is running in virtual world like for example finding love at dating websites but that is not the main problem of it. There are a really bad problems which are taking place in the Internet. Those problems are for example cyber-bullying, cybercrime and online stalking. Also lack of physical contact may cause mental illness like for example depression or anxiety.
  • Environmental problems – devices and different kind of machines are very often made out of toxic or non-biodegradable materials. Also most technologies need a power source, which very often means an increase in the consumption of electricity as well as fossil fuels.
  • Work overload – many people nowadays are keeping themselves updated with their emails from work. This require reading and what goes after this replying to those people even when you will be out of work already.
  • Media manipulation – now when it comes to digital media there is a lot of manifulations going on. Photos, audio and also videos are very easy to be edited what makes it be a manipulation of the media! Those actions makes it very hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.
  • Less creativity – the technology affects peoples creativity, this modern life looks like everything is on some sort of autopilot. Let’s give you an example before people have been using their own brains to do math now people use calculations even for easy math.
  • Easier to cheat – using those new technologies it is easier to cheat on exams than it was in past few decades. It is making it very hard for people to test the real knowledge of their students.


Modern technology is very helpful when it comes to health problems

  • technology can have impact to physical health problems which for example could be damage hearing, brain cancer, skin cancer or increase obesity,
  • technology and modern medicine are inseparable now because medicine can’t exist without technology,
  • people now likes to order food what doesn’t cause them to get out of house,
  • technology may be even able to replace human beings in jobs, very dangerous would be if technology advances beyond the political will to save jobs, it could spell disaster for millions,

Communication technology

Communication technology is probably the most popular kind of technology used by many. Here goes the examples of communication technology:

  • computers,
  • mobile devices,
  • televison,
  • The Internet,
  • podcasts,
  • radio.

Artificial intelligence in today’s world

When it comes to nowadays we are all fascinated by artificial intelligence. But what is it? Well artificial intelligence is defined as technologies that mimic human cognitive functions. Did you know that for example Twitter is using it? It is using it to identify probable hate speech and also the rasist content. That’s quite intersting right?


Today’s world is all about new technology and new ideas of it. What seems to be very worrying is this that people are not having as much of social life as they used to before. We are more often start facing the social disconnect and other human health problems.

Today’s world has completely changed but it is up to use to decide if it changed for better or worse. Would you say that the world is a convenient place to live in because of technological advancements?

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