Give the Gift of a New Career This Year with a Digital Marketing Course Voucher

Coming up with meaningful Christmas gifts isn’t easy, especially if you know that what they need isn’t another object to clutter their home. So many people need a gentle push to make a change in their lives. The uncertainty in the world over the past few years means many people are sticking with “safe” jobs that may not make them happy over pursuing a new career.

If you have someone in your life you know could use that little extra help making a step in their lives to take them in a positive direction, why not gift them digital marketing courses? Here are some of the top reasons why digital marketing courses make the perfect meaningful gift this year:

Why Gift Digital Marketing Courses?

  1. Help someone who feels stuck – We all know what it’s like to feel like your progress in life has slowed to a crawl, and you’re just going through the motions. Sometimes, this is something we need so we can rest, but most of the time it’s because we’re too afraid to take the next step. Gifting someone a digital marketing course can give them direction.
  2. Help them make more – Being better qualified gives you more job opportunities, so gifting them a digital marketing course can help them make more money next year.
  3. Gift them confidence – Taking courses leads you to more confidence, both in the workplace and in yourself. Your loved one will stand a little straighter and speak more boldly in all areas of their life.
  4. They won’t invest in themselves – Deciding to invest in yourself can be difficult; often you don’t know if something is right for you, if you’ll make the most of it, or if that money could be better used elsewhere. Gifting a digital marketing course to anyone with a frugal mindset will allow them to increase their knowledge without worrying about the investment.
  5. They want to start a business but don’t feel skilled enough – Some self-doubt is unavoidable when starting a business, but if someone doesn’t feel like they know enough yet to pursue working for themselves, a digital marketing course can be just what they need.If they already have an idea for a business but aren’t sure how to market it, try gifting them our Google Ads course so they can get eyes on their business. If they want to learn skills they can then use to provide a service to others, a copywriting course is another good option.
  6. Help them get out of a dead-end job – If your loved one is in a job that has no chance of progression, they may feel like they are unequipped to look for a new job or are too afraid to put themselves out there. A digital marketing course can help them gain the skills and confidence they need to finally take a step toward a brighter future.

Gift a Digital Marketing Course Voucher

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your partner, young family member,  friend, or colleague, a digital marketing course gift voucher could be the gift that changes their lives.

All you need to do is purchase your digital marketing course gift voucher for £350 which can be redeemed for any course in our London Marketing Academy offer, and gift it to your loved one.

This makes a great last-minute gift you don’t need to worry about wrapping or transporting. We’ll keep your gift a secret until Christmas or another date you prefer, and we can even keep your name a secret if you’re buying this gift for Secret Santa.

To purchase your London Marketing Academy gift voucher for your loved one, contact them at [email protected]

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