Quantum microphone – find out everything about it  

Quantum microphone is a very great device that detects even those the smallest particles of sound. Are you intrested in this Quantum microphone? If so and you want to find out more about it you should keep reading the article.

How does the quantum microphone measures sound?

When it comes to a tradicional microphone it is detecting when the incoming sound waves jiggle an internal membrane, and also physical displacement is covered into a voltage. But in the quantum microphone, it is measuring the energy of phonons (vibrational energy) by using tiny supercooled nanomechanical resonators. The quantum microphone captures the photons and measures the vibrations they emit. Sounds cool right?

Vibrational Energy

What is the vibrational energy? Well it is Phonons which are individual packets of vibrational energy emitted by jittery atoms. Those very often manifest as sound or heat. Untill now it wasn’t possible to measuring individual phonons however it changed.

Nanoscale Resonators

We know that when it comes to tradicional microphone sound is moving a membrane inside. However when it comes to quantum microphone it is using supercooled resonators. Those supercooled resonators are this tiny that can be only seen with help of an electron microscope. Would you ever think there is such a tiny thing in this worl?

Future quantum machines

Qquantum computers are in fact amazing computers that can bring changes to out lives

When it comes to quantum machines there are couple of them. Thanks of those machines you can get the edge in developing, building but also integrating quantum computers, however that’s not everything it gives you possibilities of experiments with an end-to-end control stack.


  • researchers suggest that the quantum microphone will possibly enable new types of quantum sensors, transducers and storage devices for future quantum machines,
  • phonons are such a little thing and they can’t in fact be detected individually because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which says that that the position of a quantum object can’t be known precisely without changing it,
  • quantum mechanics tells us that osition and momentum can’t be known in 100%,
  • you should also know that phonons are easier to manipulate and have wavelengths that are indeed thousands of times smaller than light particles,
  • to understand better phonons they are quantized, meaning their vibrational energies are restricted to discrete values,
  • phonons are generated in different states when the mechanical resonators vibrate, they also are quantum carriers of light,
  • very interesting is this that the sound at the quantum level crackles,
  • since now on scientists can measure phonon states in engineered structures directly between states thanks to the quantum sensors,
  • the most sensitive microphone exploits quantum principles to eavesdrop on the whispers of atoms.


Now you know a bit about quantum microphone and you have also found out couple of things about quantum devices. We hope that the articles made it all clear for you and you understood way better now what is the quantum and how it works.

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  1. Quantum microphone article! This made me know so much more. Thanks to letting us all know more about this.

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