Robotic technology – what are robots? Types and uses of robots

You should know that robotics is in fact a sector of science and engineering which is dedicated to the design and also use of mechanical robots . This article will explain you everything about robotics technology, types of robots and much more! That’s why you should stay with us and keep reading.

What is robotics technology?

At first we should explain what is this robotic technology. Robotics is the intersection of science, technology and also engineering which is producing machines to be specific robots, that substitute for or even replicate of human actions. People were always in love with robots. Nowadays robotos are gaining intellectual and mechanical capabilities.

What are robots?

The first word robot was used in Karel Čapek’s play Rossum’s Universal Robots.

Robots are simply a type of machine which is in fact automated, we can also call it a product of robotics field. This automated machine can do specific tasks with little or no or very little human intervention and with speed and precision.

Some robots works according to programmed instructions but other robots needs a human giving continuous commands.

Types of robots

There in fact isn’t only one type of robots, there are couple of them:

  • humanoid robot,
  • intelligent robots,
  • industrial robots,
  • autonomous robots,
  • pre-programmed robots.

Humanoid robot

Are you wondering what humanoid robots are? Well if so we rush with the answer. Those robots are professional service robots which are built to mimic human behavior as well as interactions. Humanoid robots provide value by automating tasks in a way that leads to cost-savings as well as productivity.

Fact is that those robots are new form of professional service robot. They are used in areas like for example space exploration (new robots for this area are developed all the time), caregiving or even public relations and healthcare.

Intelligent robots

When it comes to this type of robots you should know that they are intelligent machine with the ability to take actions and make choices. Those mentioned choices are connected to intelligence which is built into it through for example:

  • machine learning,
  • deep learning,
  • inputs received by the robot from its input sensors while in operation.

Industrial robots

Wondering what industrial robot is? Well it is simple, this robot is a robot system which is used for manufacturing. Those robots are:

  • programmable,
  • capable of movement on three or even more axes,
  • automated.

Such robots can for example do:

  • speed up the development of the products,
  • lower the costs,
  • optimize process performance,
  • automate production.

Autonomous robots

Vacuum cleaner is one of the robots created by modern technology

Those robots are mostly designed to carry out tasks in open environments with no need of human beings supervision. They use sensors which helps them make decisions in the world around them. You should know that autonomous robot is for example the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Pre-Programmed robots

Have you ever heard of pre-programmed robots? Those robots are doing simple and monotonous tasks. Example of this type of robot would be a mechanical arm on an automotive assembly line.

What can robots do?

In fact there are many different types of robots and some of them do way better than humans in some tasks.

If you are wondering what can in fact robots do we will show them to you. Robots can perform tasks like:

  • make music,
  • assist durning surgeries,
  • process and deliver reports for enterprise security,
  • deliver online orders,
  • fill out pharmaceutical prescriptions and prep IVs,
  • work in unpredictable environments to spot hazards like gas leaks.

Main components of a robot

There are couple of main components of robots. Those robotics components are:

  • Control system – this system is programmed to inform the robot how to utilize its specific components. This is quite similar to human brain sending signals throughout the body, when you want to complete a specific task.
  • Sensors – they provide robot with stimuli in the form of electrical signals which allow the robot to interact with the outside world. Those sensors are for example video cameras, photoresistors and microphones. What’s also cool is this that many robots today can identify the amount of pressure necessary to apply to grab an item without destroying it,
  • Actuators – those are the components that are responsible for this movement. These components are made out of motors that receive signals from the control system.
  • Power supply – when we will take a look at power supply you will notice that most robots utilize lead-acid batteries. There are also some of potential power sources for future robotic development like for example pneumatic power.
  • End effectors – these simply help robots to finish carrying out their tasks.


  • the first programmable robot was invented in 1954 by George Devol,
  • android robots are resemble humans. Those robots are very often mobile robots and are moving around on wheels or a track drive,
  • there is something called nanorobotics what is the emerging technology field of creating machines or robots,
  • robots are here to assist humans in some of human tasks,
  • there are also healthcare robots and they made enormous strides in the healthcare industry. Examples of those robots are Toyota’s healthcare assistants. This is a robot designed to autonomously stroll throughout a hospital and also deliver everything from medicines to clean linens,
  • there is no robot similar to another, all robots vary in design, degree of autonomy and also functionality,
  • there are robots which are remotely controlled by a human being like for example a telechir,
  • there is something what is called The PackBot which inspired a new era of robotics, accelerating the development of more advanced and autonomous machines,
  • it is very important to keep in your mind that robots all consist of some sort of mechanical construction, but also that they need electrical components that control and power the machinery.


Today’s robots are growing in power and are way more helpful to humans! Now you know what kind of machines are called robots and you also know that artificial intelligence and software continue to progress by many researchers in pursue various techniques.

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  1. Robots are fantasy of many. We all want to meet robots in everyday of our lives but we do not pay attention when we do. Because even our vacuum cleaners are one of them!

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