Which forms of Google advertising are the most effective in Poland?

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In Poland, 32 million people are within the potential reach of digital activities. No entrepreneur would want to overlook such a number for sure!

Google Search, the classic search!

Are you looking for a new washing machine? Is it time to change furniture? Or maybe you were just searching for a new cooking recipe, but got interested in a promotion for a microwave? It’s not difficult to come across sales offers on Google search. The display order of ads is determined by the so-called auction. Google crawlers check which companies have targeted specific keywords for their Google Ads, and then display them in an order relevant to the maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) set by marketers, which is the highest possible cost for a single click.

At first, it may seem quite complicated. However, the word “auction” fits perfectly here. It’s like wanting to place our billboard on a very busy road – we have to outbid other companies’ offers to be in the first place.

But it’s worth remembering that in the Google auction, the winner is not always the one who predicts the highest budget for their ads. It turns out that positions 2 and 3 are also frequently clicked by users. Why? For customers, the order of display matters, as well as the content of the ad itself. It is divided into so-called headlines, which are simply short messages informing about the offer.

A search engine ad consists of three elements:

1. Choosing the right keywords – in such a way that we appear for the words that potential customers might use to be interested in our services.

2. Effective budget management – to win as many auctions as possible while maintaining full control of costs.

3. Matching the ad content – the customer must be convincingly persuaded that they should purchase the product or service from us!

But what if a customer visits our website but doesn’t make a purchase?

Remarketing – Effective Google Ads in Poland

That is graphical ads on websites that collaborate with Google! You surely know them! Eye-catching banners with products enticing you to return to the website, reconsider your purchase, or perhaps

take advantage of a promotion. However, caution must be exercised here as well – after all, you wouldn’t want to display your ads to a user who stumbled upon your website by accident!

It’s often necessary to exclude people who have already made a purchase from seeing the ads. No seller wants to “annoy” a customer with an ad for a product they have just bought! But maybe it’s worth reminding them about a new offer or accessories for their existing device in a few months… anything is possible!

Bringing back customers to the shopping cart

Did the customer abandon their shopping cart just before making a payment? It’s definitely worth reminding them about it! This is the most effective form of remarketing because the user was on the verge of completing the purchase! How to identify such users? Google Analytics comes to the rescue, as these actions are no problem once it is connected to your website!

Display Marketing

Google graphical ads can also be used to reach entirely new customers! Google provides the necessary tools to select extremely broad target groups! Do you have a new revolutionary product? Internet users need to know about it! And since the majority of the population are visual people… nothing entices them to make a purchase as much as eye-catching graphical ads on their favorite websites!

At LemonMedia, we know that the nature of certain products means they are most commonly purchased not through phones but exclusively on computers! A larger screen allows for a closer look at the details and makes the best purchasing decision. Perhaps it’s worth displaying the ad only to users of a specific type of device? That can also be done!

Google Ads Internet Advertising Strategy

Let’s take a break from graphics and return to keywords! We can also remind a properly sized audience of our presence using search ads! It’s enough to modify the settings during ad configuration.

But what if we combine graphics and text?

Using Google Shopping in Poland!

An essential element of every online store! After all, who among us doesn’t enjoy browsing through offers and selecting a product based on both appearance and price! Implementing this type of ad

poses no major challenges for an experienced team. A crossed-out price indicating a discount or high ratings from other buyers will certainly help promote a specific product!

Specifics of the Polish market

When selling products, it’s always essential to consider the characteristics of a specific market. In Poland, attention is paid to both reliable and technical reviews as well as opinions from regular users when making purchasing decisions. All kinds of deals and promotions are very important – when it comes to a few percent discount, no Pole wants to miss out!

Which industries are the most popular in searches in Poland:

In Poland, fashion and beauty-related topics are the most popular in this regard. Throughout the year, promotions related to large and small household appliances are sought after, and in the spring, inquiries about grilling accessories dominate. The success of athletes has translated into the popularity of searches for… running shoes! After all, we need to burn off those grilled pork chops somewhere!

Google Search and Advertising Positioning

It’s not just an essential part of daily life, without which millions of people cannot imagine navigating the internet. It is, above all, an opportunity for every business to venture into broader waters and rely on the most transparent advertising system in the world.

However, the wild popularity of this service has led to intense competition and a struggle for nearly every keyword. That’s why it’s good to trust a team of specialists who will optimize both sales effectiveness and expenses.

It’s worth using an experienced marketing agency in Poland, one that is a certified Google Partner and can provide full support in configuring and managing Google Ads.

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