Why Should You Only Use Professional Hair Color?

There are many hair dyes available on the market, and the choice of products is often so wide that it might give you a headache. After all, how can you know which of them is the best? Naturally, you can always choose a professional hair color, but is it really worth it? Believe us, the difference is stunning! Thus, in this article, we will focus on all the benefits that come with using professional hair color. Interested? Read on.

Professional Hair Color: The Advantages

We’ve posed a question in the title and the best way to answer it is by showing you the pros of using a professional hair color. How exactly are they better than the regular box dyes? Here’s the list of reasons:

The Formula

Ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, titanium dioxide – all of these ingredients are commonly found in most box dyes. Yet, they have a major drawback – they can irritate the skin on your head. This can lead to dry scalp or even dandruff. A professional hair color usually substitutes these ingredients with less irritating ones and, thus offers a more pleasurable, side-effects-free hair-dyeing experience.

Additionally, you probably realize that hair coloring is exhausting for your hair. You need the best ingredients not only to avoid skin conditions but also to keep your hair healthy and well-nourished. A professional hair color offers that due to a better formula.

The Color

Another advantage of a professional hair color is the quality of the outcome. With mediocre box dyes, you risk that your hair will end up with a visibly different color from the one that you expected, even if you chose a product appropriate for your current hue. Professional hair colors, on the other hand, are a guarantee of a satisfying result.

What’s more, this type of hair dye also lasts longer. While most box colors are meant to be permanent, fading is inevitable. With professional hair color, you know that this process will become visible much later than with average products, giving your hair a fresh, healthy look for longer.

Is a Box Professional Hair Color the Same as the One Used by Hair Colorists?

While “professional” suggests that it’s used by licensed colorists, this type of hair dye is actually not utilized in hair salons. The reason behind this is simple: professional hair colorists opt for mixing their coloring solutions on the go, with the current hair color and the expected outcome of their clients in mind.

The Takeaway

So, you know the advantages of a professional hair color and you know in what terms it is different from the ones used at hair salons. Is it the way to go? If you color your hair at home, definitely. Nevertheless, you should try professional hair coloring services sometime – you’ll be able to tell the difference and see which option suits you more.

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